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Three Questions.   C.Rajgopalachari

Multiple Choice Questions.
1. The name of the eldest Pandavas is  Yudhisthira
2. Arjun was skilled in Bow and Arrow . 
3. Nakul was the cloud complexioned amongst the Pandavas .
4. Kunti was the mother of Yudhishthira,Bhim and Arjun.
5. According to Yudhisthira good conduct makes a real Brahman.
Short Answers.
1. What did Yudhishthira tell Nakul ? 
Yudhishthira told Nakula to fetch some water to drink.
2. What did Yaksha told Nakul ? 
Yaksha told Nakula to answer his questions first and then drink water.
3. What did Arjun see ? 
Arjun saw both his brothers lying dead near the pool.
4. Why was Arjun angry ? 
Arjun was angry because he  saw both his brothers lying dead near the pool because of Yaksha.
5. What did Arjun say to the voice ? 
Arjun told the voice to come and stand up to him and he would kill that Yaksha.
6. What did Yudhishthira tell Bhim ? 
Yudhishthira told Bhim that something terrible must have happened to their brothers and . He also told Bhim to seek them out and bring water.
7. What did Bhim tell the Yaksha ?
 Bhim cried "Oh, Yaksha who are you to dictate to me ".
8. Why did Yudhishthira  feel anxious ? 
Yudhishthira felt anxious because he thought that had his brothers been subjected to  a curse or were they wandering about in forest in a vain search for water or had they fainted or died of thirst.
9. What did Yaksha tell Yudhishthira ? 
 Yaksha told Yudhishthira to answer  his questions first and then drink water.
10. What did Yaksha tell Yudhishthira ?
 Yaksha told Yudhishthira at the end of his questionings that one of his brothers could then be revived.
11. Whom did Yudhishthira want to revive amongst his dead brothers and why ?
Yudhishthira wanted to revive Nakula amongst his dead brothers because he was impartial.
12. What did Yaksha do when he became pleased with the answers given to him by Yudhishthira ? 
The Yaksha was pleased with Yudhishthira's impartiality and granted all his brothers would come back to life. 
Long Answer-Questions.
What happened with Nakul when Yudhishthira sent him to fetch water ?
When Yudhishthira sent Nakul to fetch water and Nakula found a pool , he was stopped by the  Yaksha .The Yaksha warned Nakul and asked to reply his questions first but unfortunately Nakula ignored his instructions and drank water . As cloud complexioned Nakula drank water , he felt drowsiness and he fell down.
Who were Kunti and Madri ? 
Pandu had two wives Kunti and Madri. Kunti was mother of Yudhishthira,Arjun and Bhim . Madri was mother of Nakul and Sahdeva . 
Why did Yudhishthira choose Nakul and not any other of his brothers to be revived by Yaksha
Yudhishthira chose Nakula to be revived Yaksha because he was impartial and he wished that one of Madri's son would be alive. He loved all his brothers impartially. 
What are the characteristics of Brahman ?
  According to Yudhishthira birth and learning do not make one a Brahman but alone good conduct does so. A Brahman must not be a slave of bad habits. Good conduct is necessary for a Brahman.
Narrate Arjuna's interaction with Yaksha at the pool ? 
      When Arjun was sent to fetch water by Yudhishthira, he saw both of his brothers lying dead near the pool. He heard a voice it warned Arjun to answer his questions first before to drink water because he was the owner of that pool but Arjun ignored his questions and became angry and challenged that voice to come and stand up to him so that he would kill him.

The Naked Ape   By Desmond Morris

   Multiple Choice Questions.
    "This animal is new to science" is " written on a .....Cage.
   How many species of squirrel are already known and described..... 366 .
   Who wrote the Naked Ape ? ............. Desmond Morris.
   What does the author of "The Naked Ape" call the new species of the squirrel ?...... 
 African black footed squirrel.
   A zoologist is a person who studies...................Animals
Short Answers 
What does the label on the cage in the zoo say ? 
There is a label on the cage at a certain zoo that states simply, "This animal is new to science." .
What is unusual about the feet of the squirrel ?
The squirrel has black feet . It is unusual to have been found that squirrel in Africa .
How many species of  squirrel are already known to science ? 
Three hundred sixty six species of  squirrel are already known to science.
How did the isolation of the squirrel as a new form of life start ? 
The ancestors of the squirrel must have split off from the rest and they established themselves as an independent breeding population at some point .
At what stage the social and sexual behaviour of the isolated squirrel would undergo special identification ? 
The social and sexual behaviour of the isolated squirrel undergoes special modification when it gets perfectly turned in to their particular environment.